Add Powershell option to the context menu

I noticed that the tutorials I found for adding an “Open Powershell here” option to the Explorer context menu (the one that pop ups when you right-click on an empty space) didn’t work for Windows 10. Adding it is really simple though, you just open regedit (win+R and then type in regedit and press enter) and go to the following location: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\Directory\background\shell

Right click on the folder shell and choose new -> key and name the new key to powershell. Change the value on (Standard) to “Open Powershell here” by simply dubble click on the key. Then add a new key by right-clicking on the key powershell (the one you previously added) and choose new -> key. Name it command and change the value to powershell.

That’s it! Now it should work! If not, try and reboot the system.

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